LuckyCatch Carp Competitions terms and Conditions

LuckyCatch Carp Competitions run skill based competitions with the winning entrant receiving a prize

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For the purpose of the terms and conditions LuckyCatch Carp Competitions is The Promoter

  1. (a) All competitions ran by the promoter are skill based games with the winning entrant receiving a prize in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined here,
    (b) Competitions ran by the promoter are open to all persons aged 18 and over from the UK and Ireland excluding employees of the promoter
    (c) The promoter at their own discretion reserves the right to refuse or cancel an entry from a customer if the entry is deemed to not meet the requirements outlined here.
  2. (a) By submitting an entry you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined here and are also agreeing to adhere to the laws in your country of resisdence at the time of the entry.
    (b) The promoter reserves the right to disqualify anyone found to be breaching or breaking the rules or not complying with the terms and conditions
    (c) Competitions ran by the promoter are governed by UK Law, any matters relating to competitions will be resolved under UK Law.
  3. (a) All entries to the competitions ran by the promoter should be entered via the website.
    (b) Entry Prices and entry availabiity is at the discretion of the promoter and will be specified on the website the competitions close when the final entry has been sold
    (c)Once submitted all entries become the property of the promoter and will not be returned unless the specified competition is cancelled
    (d) LuckyCatch Carp Competitions will run all competition draws live via Facebook using Google’s Random number generator, there will only be one winner per competition.
    (e) Once the competition has been drawn the promoter will contact the winning entrant via the details they provide while completing their entry, It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to ensure their contact details are correct. If the details are incorrect and/or the entrant cant be contacted within 7 days of the draw the entrant will be disqualified due to failing to comply with these terms and conditions and will forfeit the prize and it will remain under the ownership of LuckyCatch Carp Competitions
    (f) The promoter holds the right to extend the closing date of any competition.
    (g) A maximum of 15 entries can be purchased per entrant
    (h) An entry list will be available to view on the website for every competition
    (i) LuckyCatch Carp Competitions offer a free entry route as follows:
    -Indicate clearly which competition you would like to enter
    -Send details of the competition you wish to enter via post to: LuckyCatch Carp Competitions along with :
    1- Your full name, date of birth and postal address
    2- Email address & phone number
    3- Your answer to the relevant competition question
    The free entry route is limited to one entry per person and any entry must be received 48hrs prior to the competition closing date. Late entries will not be processed and will not be entered into the competitionMonday will be the day allocated for processing free entries and all free entries will be treated the same as paid entries and if answered correctly will be entered into the competition
    If a free entry is received after the competition has sold out it will not be entered.
    It is the entrants sole responsibility to ensure their entry is received on time and in advance of the deadline. The promoter is under no obligation to provide information on whether an entry was recieved prior to the deadline or if the question for the competition was answered correctly by the entrant
  4. (a) Before collecting a prize the winner will be required to show proof of identification. Failure to meet this requirement will result in disqualification and the prize will remain the property of the promoter.
    (b) For promotional purposes all winners will be required to partake in photographs and videos which will be used for marketing purposes and as proof of receiving their prize. Their name and address may also be published. By entering the competitions the entrant is agreeing to this condition.
  5. (a) All prizes are selected and sourced by the promoter.
    (b) Once a prize has been handed over to the winning entrant, the promoter has no reponsibilty for it and offers no warranties, no prizes are insured by the promoter and the prize remains the legal property of the promoter until it has been handed over to the winning entrant subject to the requirements outlined in 4(a)
    (c) The promoter holds no responsibilty for and injury, death or damage caused by any of the prizes once they have been received by the winning entrant.
    It is the entire resonsibilty of the winning entrant to collect their prize, if for any exceptional reason this is not possible the promoter has the right to charge a fee to deliver the prize to the entrant and any expenses incurred are the whole responsibilty of the winning entrant.
    (e) All of the promoters prizes are non transferable and are non negotiable.
  6. (a) It is each entrants own responsibilty to ensure their entry has been completed correctly and submitted on time.
    (b) LuckyCatch Carp Competitions are under no obligation to provide any information on entries with regards to time received or accuracy of the details.
    (c) All data recived and processed by the promoter is done so in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018
    (d) The promoter reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions at anytime and these changes will be displayed on the website
    (e) The promoter does not permit any third party to use the terms and conditions and they are specific to LuckyCatch Carp Competitions and are subject to copyright protection